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40 Ways to Enhance Your Spiritual Vision is a must read book for this prophetic generation.  Her insights bring enlightenment  to the reader, giving you the vantage point of understanding how to process what you see spiritually.

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The Gray Matter brings relevant discussions in truth. Its purpose is to bring a comparative relation between the mind and the spirit; the will of man and the will of God. To bring clarity and balance to the 21st century believer. It is truth in an apostolic proportion.

Apostolic Leader of Rehoboth International Ministries

Apostle Gray is the founding leader of Rehoboth International Ministries, currently leading several ministries in nations all across the world. Apostle Gray is an apostolic leader who is decades beyond her time. She leads her team of Apostle, Prophets, Evangelist, Pastors and Teachers in advancing the kingdom of God in the 21st Century. She activates with a spiritual prowess that goes beyond just preaching.   

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"The Hawaiian Islands have never been the same since Apostle Gray has come to us." -- Pastor Cathy Palama, Hilo, Hawaii

"Kenya loves our Mom, Apostle Norma Gray. We eagerly await her return" -- Apostle Simone Muvengi, Kenya Africa

 Rock Hill, South Carolina | 803-230-9574

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